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Condition: NEW Aftermarket Fox Racing sold as pair

OEM Part #: 

  • Pro RMK - 853-02-039
  • Khaos - 853-02-034

2016-2022 AXYS PRO RMK, Khaos & RMK Assault.  

With input from IceAge Performance Backcountry Team, the new FOX lightweight mountain shocks improved ride quality is as significant as their weight savings. While it may seem like a stretch, this technology has trickled down from our trophy truck engineering successes. Simply put, we’ve freed the shock to move comfortably by using internal grooves to bypass oil around the piston in the ride zone while providing increased bottom-out resistance for those big hits by eliminating the grooves in the last 30% of travel. This provides the plushness to ride all day with the control you need for maximum fun. Our objective? Retain that great FOX ride feel while increasing bottom-out control, especially in coil-over shock applications.


  • Burandt specific calibration

  • Optimized lightweight spring & shock design

  • FOX ice scraper technology (FIST)

  • One-piece, aluminum mounting hardware

  • High-flow velocity-sensitive damping

  • Internal groove position sensitive technology

  • Fully rebuildable and re-tuneable

  • Simple to use QS3 Compression Adjustment

  • Lightwight Coil spring - tool free adjustment

  • Lightweight bodies and caps

  • Bypass technology for plush ride

  • Premium Fox Factory / Chris Burandt calibration

  • Preset / ready to ride right out of the box.

This shock is hands down the biggest performer for the dollar you will see on a modern mountain sled. The new lightweight coil spring and adjuster make for simple easy to change adjustments without the need for tools. Couple this with the simple to adjust QS3 switch and you can go from powder carves to rough trail with the flip of a switch. No more fumbling with tiny iced up knobs and tiny adjustments you can't feel, the Quick Switch technology makes adjustment simple and clear. The positions represent real changes a rider can feel for easy to understand setting adjustments. Large background numbering makes it easy to see which position you are in. The QS3 tech is the perfect match for the mountain snowmobilers needs from novice to expert.

The Burandt Series 1.5 ZERO Quick Switch (QS) coil shocks are the next generation of lightweight mountain sled suspension technology. These shocks are tuned specifically to suit Chris Burandt’s riding style. Ride harder in the backcountry with less fatigue without compromising durability. Experience a new sense of control on the snow due to less outboard weight. 

FOX’s QS technology allows you to adjust the compression damping with ease to suit the snow conditions. Three positions keep the adjustment simple, so you focus on the ride instead of counting clicks.  

We designed the coil-sprung mountain shocks with two primary objectives: weight reduction and ride performance. FOX optimizes the 1.5 ZERO coil-sprung shocks through material reduction without a sacrifice of ride quality or structural integrity. Additionally, the coil springs were redesigned to retain the same spring rate but with fewer coils and built from a lighter steel alloy. The shocks maintain a linear feel regardless of temperature fluctuation, which keeps your sled setup quick and simple. The new coils result in a spring with the same performance at half the weight.   

FOX’s position-sensitive damping technology, with origins in desert truck racing, is now applied to the Burandt Series coil-sprung shocks. Spiral grooves inside the shock allow the oil to flow around the main piston reducing damping force in the ride zone for a plush feel. The bypass grooves terminate through the final 30% of the travel, forcing oil to only flow through the main piston and providing a significant increase of bottom-out resistance to cushion any hard hits. Our goal was to inspire confidence next time you send it big thanks to the extra support. 

Maximize the power-to-weight ratio of your sled by bolting on the new FOX Burandt Series shocks. 

Complete your Burandt Series 1.5 ZERO QS suspension kit with the matching ski shock kits, 850-02-027.

Fully re-buildable and re-valvable
Front Track Extended Length 11.660
Front Track Compressed Length 8.260
Front Track Travel 3.400
Rear Track Extended Length 17.100
Rear Track Compressed Length 11.330
Rear Track Travel 5.770
Top Mount Eyelet
Bottom Mount Eyelet
Reservoir Piggyback
Fitment notes Track (Front & Rear)

Want to learn more about the functions of the shock or make some adjustments for your riding style or weight?

 Fox 1.5 Zero QS3 Setup Guide

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