Ski Wheel Dolly Set

Ski Wheel Dolly Set

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Condition: New Aftermarket Quali Pieces

Ski Wheel Dolly Set W/ strap and 70mm Rubber Wheels

OEM Part #: U04-110

The PK3 dolly kit is the most reliable on the market. The sturdy steel plates are adapted and fitted with a strap to support any type of snowmobile. The 70 mm rubber wheels can pivot 360 degrees and are made with the highest quality ball bearing system. The kit makes it easy to move your snowmobile when storing it. The durability and smoothness of the dollies cannot be compared.

  • Allows for easier movement on surfaces
  • Front plates fit to the shape of the ski and non-slip surface
  • Retention system with two adjustable straps to help the ski stay in place
  • Rear platform with raised sides hooking onto the snowmobile track
  • 70 mm wheels with 360-degree ball bearing swivel
  • Each wheel supports up to 56 kg (123 lbs)

Made of heavy-duty steel supporting 25% more weight than most trolleys available on the market


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