Polaris RMK to Khaos Conversion Kit

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Condition: New Aftermarket

OEM Part #:

This Khaos Conversion Kit Includes:

  • Eyelet for Walker Evans 1/2”(New)  OR 5/8" diameter shaft Used (PLEASE NOTE: The 5/8 Eyelet is good used as New are currently unavailable, strap and clamp are new) 
  • ONE New IceAge Khaos Adjustable Length Limiter Strap
  • New Shaft Clamps 1/2" & 5/8"

Please Note: Velocity Front track shock use a larger diameter shaft. If you have a Velocity Front Track you may require a 5/8" Eyelet. Please select correct Eyelet

 This Limiter Strap has three different mounting options

  • RMK - Shorter then stock Khaos, to help control ski lift on higher power applications
  • Standard Khaos - Matches OEM Polaris Khaos length
  • '11' - This is the longest position possible with Khaos OEM or Khaos Fox shocks. This allows for max ski lift and playfulness.

It Is recommended you run a Anti stab Kit when Installing conversion kit. Very important with Pro RMK Profile Rails.

Anti Stab Kits

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