USED 2005-2006 Polaris RMK, SWITCHBACK Rear Rack (144/151)

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Condition: Very Good

OEM Part #: 5435237-070

** We do not list every hardware item on our website. If you require some hardware related to the part(s) you are purchasing, send an email or add to your order notes the parts you might need and we can provide an updated quote including the hardware.


  • S05PL8/PM8/PN8 900 RMK ALL OPTIONS (2005) (S05PL8/PM8/PN8)
  • S06PK6FS 600 HO RMK 144 F/O (2006) (S06PK6FS)
  • S06PK7HS 700/900 RMK (2006) (S06PK7HS)
  • S06PS6FS 600 HO SWITCHBACK F/O (2006) (S06PS6FS)
  • S06PS8DS 900 SWITCHBACK (2006) (S06PS8DS)

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