StraightLine Performance Polaris Matryx Boost Silicone Charge Tube Intake Kit

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Condition: New Aftermarket - Straightline Performance

OEM Part: 192-106

2022+ Polaris Matyx Boost

Best bang for your dollar!  Polaris Boost Charge Tubes

This is a must for everyone’s Boost! Comes with both the intake and pressure tube.

  1. Stop the intake tube from collapsing during extreme conditions causing the machine to bog out.  The new intake is solid and will not collapse under no condition at all.
  2. Custom ridges inside the tube to ensure a perfect fit and smooth intake transition.
  3. Larger internal for improved air flow and HP.
  4. Increased turbo response
  5. Will not expand or heat soak and wear out.
  6. A must for any Boosts with a performance tune.

Comes complete with both silicone tubes and new clamps.


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