B-PWR Polaris Switchback & SKS Rear Bumper

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Condition: New AfterMarket - B-PWR

Polaris Switchback & SKS Rear Bumper 


Polaris Switchback & SKS rear bumper designed in one piece and made from strong lightweight aluminum. This bumper is designed in one piece gives you a lightweight option with increased sturdiness. Offering maximum reinforcement from the tip of the tunnel to beyond where the floorboards meet the tunnel.

Easy to install snowmobile bumper


This rear bumper installs in no time. If you have trouble installing it, we got you!  An installation guide, and our team, is available to help you.


Note: Allow 2 weeks for color options if not available (does not apply to black and unpainted) 



-Compatible with Polaris Switchback, SKS and Axys 146''

-1 piece design for added sturdiness

-Tow hitch is not compatible with this bumper

-Light and resistant

-Multiple colors available

-Side lip reinforcement to further solidify the bumper and tunnel

-Covers the critical rear step attachment point area

-Scratch resistant powder coat paint

-Added sturdiness to the tunnel 

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