NEW Camso Epic 280 Track - 9408M, 9407M

NEW Camso Epic 280 Track - 9408M, 9407M

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New Aftermarket Camso

OEM Part # :

Epic 280 15x156x2.8 3.0 Pitch - 9408M

Epic 280 15x162x2.8 3.0 Pitch - 9407M

Note: Open Center Window

The Camso Epic 280 sets a new standard in deep snow mountain riding with its unique deep cup-shaped lug design. Its balanced 6-pitch lug sequence provides more track speed in deep powder and excellent floatation on the most challenging conditions. Turn your mountain adventure into an Epic ride.

Key Features
  • Optimize track speed, reduced vibration and improved handling in deep snow
  • Improves packed snow grip, riding agility and braking
  • Drive snow into their center's provide traction, floatation and all-out deep snow performance

Mfg. Part Number 9407M
Width - Tracks 15"
Pitch - Tracks 3.00"
Lug Height - Tracks 2.8"
Length - Tracks 162 & 156"
Thickness - Tracks Two ply
Clips - Tracks Clipped every 2nd window

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