2008-2020 Polaris BDX/SSI WISECO Durability Fix Kit 800 (Bearings Included) 14-800DK

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Condition: New Aftermarket (Bearings Included)

OEM Part #: 14-800DK

Please Note: We supply this kit with 2 wrist pin / Piston pin BEARINGS and comes with 2 BASE gaskets

Complete Engine Gasket sets available


Taller piston design to extend piston and ring life compared to stock shorter pistons that wear prematurely. Forged pistons with lubrication holes for extended use and better cooling. Proper ring separation to extend ring life. Increase of 2-4 horsepower. Comes complete with pistons, rings, wristpins, c clips, 2 base gaskets, cylinder spacer, longer bolts, and machined dowel spacers.   This is a complete Durability Kit / Power Up kit for the Polaris 800 cfi models from 2008-2019, Including the AXYS which also needs it.  Many people now know that the stock pistons are just too short and wear out too fast.  Compression reduced and so is horsepower.  Have you noticed that even your machine doesn't want to run as many rpm at wide open at is once did?  Or doesn't have as much top speed or track speed as in once did??  Welcome to the problem.  It isn't unusual to lose 10-15 horsepower after just 1500-2000 miles with stock pistons.  Well, we have the fix.  Our kit is made completely in the USA.  The taller forged pistons reduce the load and stress on the rings which extends the life of the pistons. The pistons have lubrication holes on both the front and rear of the pistons to aid in lubrication, and keep the piston cooler.  The use of the cylinder spacer plate actually increases the airflow to the engine and you will see an increase of power over good stock pistons of 3-4 horsepower.  Keep in mind your horsepower is probably already down 10+ horsepower.  Why more power with our kit?  Well when the cylinder is raised, the support skirt on the cylinder doesn't block the intake window as much.  Plus since the motor started out from a 600cc crankcase, the 800 really likes the extra crankcase volume.  So the combination of the taller pistons and spacer is the key to not only longevity, but also more horsepower.  Most of our competition doesn't even know that.  We do.    ***ANOTHER KEY FEATURE WE HAVE IS OUR CYLINDER LOCATING DOWELS ARE STEPPED. THE STOCK ONES ARE LOOSE IN THE CYLINDER, ALLOWING THE CYLINDER TO MOVE. OUR LOCATING DOWELS ALIGN THE CYLINDER TO THE CASE PROPERLY. ****LOOK AT OUR PISTON DESIGN WITH OIL LUBRICATION HOLES AND CORRECT RING SEPARATION****


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