Kyber One - DMR Switch Relocate Kit

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Condition: New Aftermarket - Kyber One

Polaris’ handlebars often become cluttered with several items from the factory and aftermarket. This clutter can make maneuvering the sled cumbersome and sometimes unsafe.

The KYBER switch relocation systems allow you to move the Polaris Reverse and Kill switches from the top handlebar to the mounting half of the steering column when used along with the KYBER Direct Mount Bar Risers. These 25mm barrels mount to the underside of the DMR blocks allowing you to attach both the Reverse and Kill switches.

The relocation of these switches reduces the number of items mounted to the handlebars, wires chased up the steering column, and helps reduce accidental impact related killswitch engagement. Moving your switches below the handlebar also removes them from damaging impacts during rollovers, extending reliability in the mountains.

NOTE: Requires mounting to the underside of KYBER Direct Mount Riser Blocks for installation.

RSI Kill Switch: Click Here


  • Compatible with all Polaris snowmobiles 
  • Features dual 25mm barrels for mounting OEM switches
  • Protects switches from impacts during rollover 
  • Reduces clutter from handlebars 
  • Compatible with KYBER Direct Mount Handlebar Riser Blocks


Fitment: Polaris Snowmobiles 
Material: 5052 Aluminum Alloy & Acetal 
Hardware: Pre Assembled
Finish: Powder Coat for Durability 
Colors: Black 


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