Push Industries Polaris Matryx Boost Titanium Muffler

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Condition: New Aftermarket - Push Industries 

102.105 Push Industries WhisperLite Titanium Muffler Can for Polaris Matryx 850 Boost

NOTICE: Color of titanium evolves as it heat cycles. Color will ultimately change to blue.

100% full titanium construction, weighs only 3.6 LBS, (weighs about 12 LBS less than stock).

Welded cooker mount tabs for a clean reliable (no slide) cooker installation.

Highly efficient internal metal baffles maximize HP gains and guarantee quiet years of ridding for as long as you own the can.

This can is for all years of the Polaris Matryx Boost.

 Introducing the Push Industries WhisperLite stainless Silencer for Polaris Boost 850, an extraordinary addition to the world of aftermarket exhaust systems. This cutting-edge silencer weighs a mere 3.6 pounds.  Did we mention that the welded on cooker hose clamp tabs are a standard feature on all 850 Boost cans? Say goodbye to complicated fuel changes or modifications. The Push Industries WhisperLite is engineered for effortless installation, seamlessly integrating into your setup. Crafted from premium-grade Titanium, this exhaust showcases an innovative noise-canceling baffled design.  By harnessing the exceptional properties of Titanium, we guarantee durability and longevity. Its unrivaled resistance to rust and corrosion safeguards your investment, promising prolonged product life. Witness a weight reduction of 12 pounds, allowing for enhanced agility and maneuverability. As a testament to our commitment to both performance and aesthetics, every Push Industries WhisperLite exhaust showcases a sleek, domed cap design. This not only enhances the durability of the silencer but also adds a touch of sophistication to its appearance.

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