BWC Powersports Products Warranty Info Page

In Regards to BWC Powersports Products ONLY

We take immense pride in our Products & Service, which is why we offer a comprehensive 2 Year warranty to the original owner, safeguarding against any defects in materials or workmanship.

If any of our products fail due to a manufacturing or material defect, within the warranty period, we will replace the item free of charge. However, the customer is responsible for any shipping costs.


Submit an email with proof of purchase, estimated mileage from installation, and a photo of the damaged product. We'll respond promptly with Approval/Denial & resolution. Within reason we may ask for the damaged product back before a decisions made. If your claim is approved, we will provide instructions on how to pay for shipping charges surrounding your claim. Once you have paid for the shipping costs, your replacement item will be shipped and a tracking number will be provided to you.

Emails can be sent to:



Our Warranty does not cover:
  • Normal wear and tear*
  • Crashes / Hitting objects
  • Misuse, abusive, or negligent use
  • Unauthorized repairs or alterations & modifications
  • Damage resulting from improper installation, maintenance, or care
  • Any use other than the product’s intended purpose.

Normal Wear and Tear: Regardless of how the products used, and cared for, it will wear out eventually. Damage from normal wear and tear is inevitable due to regular use. Despite our use of top-tier material and durable design, all materials degrade over time from use and exposure.



In no event shall BWC Powersports be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive, or consequential damages, or contingent liability relating to the purchase, use, or performance of any BWC Powersports product (e.g., no claim for charges incurred in the loss of use, loss of time, removal, disassembly, or re-installation of product will be allowed). Warranty is subject to change at any time without notice.