Torque Link Set Up Instructions

  1. Use a Windows 8 or newer laptop with good internet connection.

  2. Go to

  3. Download the app

  4. If warning appears, click “Keep”

  5. Click on the download “torquelink.exe”

  6. Window warning will likely appear click “more info” then click “run anyway”

  7. Once installation completes go to desktop and run click on your new “Torque Link” app will be colors black and yellow.

  8. ** IMPORTANT STEP** Firewall will likely advise warning, you must click “Allow Access” 

  9. Click on “Log In”

  10. Click “Sign Up”

  11. Sign in using email used during purchase and create a password containing (uppercase, lowercase, number and symbol) and at least 8 digits long. Once done it will say verification email sent.

  12. Open your email and verify account.

  13. When done properly it will say account verified

  14. Usually within one business day licences associated with your account will be added. If you are in a hurry call place of purchase and ask them to expedite it.

  15. Log out of email and close internet browser.

  16. Once licence is added you can open Torque Link app from desktop

  17. Login with user and password you created

  18. Connect TL box to Vehicle, USB to Computer and Power Cord to wall. Order does not matter.

  19. From here just follow on screen prompts



  1. No connection to sled – Verify you are using windows 8 or newer computer with current updates (as of this time Apple in windows mode is glitchy).

  2. No connection to sled – verify firewall is not stopping connection temporarily turn off firewall or create exemption for Torque Link

  3. No connection to sled – Verify you have a good internet connection. If poor connection get closer to router.

  4. Program is glitchy – verify your computer is in good working order and not bogged down by multiple programs using all available memory. (Any new windows 8/10 laptop will run the program we have tried the cheapest acer and it will work great)

  5. Program stalls (Snowmobile only) – Verify ignition switch is off, kill switch is off and teather is unplugged. Fuel pump can try to power if ignition is left on and stall flash.


If your connection to the ECU stalls at 5% follow these steps to troubleshoot.




During a normal flash you must connect and flash with tether and kill switch off. If your kill switch or tether was on during first attempt unplug and push kill switch to off position and then retry.


Some Ski-Doo snowmobiles draw more power than expected during connection to the ECU. This is the step by step to diagnose if your having this issue or an issue with the flash cable.


TEST 1- To test the cord from TL box to sled try to complete step 3 while sled is running but DO NOT FLASH. If it completes step 3 and Id’s your ECU and sled VIN number your cord from TL box is good and we have a power issue so proceed to TEST 2.

If it will not connect then you need a new cord from TL to diagnostic plug. We must resolve this before flashing the tune on step 4. Call up and we can send a new one out.


TEST 2- If it will connect while sled is running, your sled is drawing above normal .8 amps during connection. Try running your sled around for a bit to charge up capacitor then retry flashing the normal way with kill switch off and tether off. If it still will not flash we need to get you a higher amp power supply and you will be fine. Call us up and we can send one out.