2008-2019 Polaris Durability Kit Replacement Pistons 800 - K7038DA-2

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Condition : New Aftermarket Wossner

Durability Kit / Fix kit Replacement Pistons 800

OEM Part # : K7038DA-2   (Arctic Cat Pistons)                                                      Wrist Pin / Piston Pin bearings sold separately  (SKU : POPR-PP3-NA-N103-0000)

If you already have the fix kit spacer plate these pistons can be us to rebuild top end on your Polaris 800cc

2007-2009 Arctic Cat 800 pistons commonly used as replacement Fix kit/Durability kit pistons for Polaris 800cc  2008-2019 Note : Only when Spacer plate is being reused.

  • Forged
  • dual ring
  • Teflon Coated
  • Light Weight
  • Standard Compression

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