2008-2019 Polaris Durability Kit Replacement Piston 800 (Pro X) Bearings included - 01-5807.000

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Condition : New Aftermarket Pro X

OEM Part #: 01.5807.000

If you already have the fix kit spacer plate these pistons can be used to rebuild top end on your Polaris 800cc

Piston Pin Bearing Included

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2007-2009 Arctic Cat 800 pistons commonly used as replacement Fix/Durability kit pistons. Note : Only when Spacer plate is being reused. 

Coated for Ultimate Performance

  • High quality cast piston made with dedicated tooling and molding
  • Made from Hypereutectic alloy for extra strength and reduced expansion
  • Special dual ring set up for improved durability and resistance to wear
  • Full MOS2 skirt coating for improved breaking in and resistance to scuffing
  • Anodized piston dome for increased protection against excessive heat
  • Usage of high quality rings such as Riken for optimum heat transfer and sealing

Most of the ProX pistons come with a coating. Our OEM style Tin coated pistons assist the wear in process when you just started the bike. We have developed a new skirt coating that not only assists the wear in process, but also helps reducing friction after the wear in. The black coating is made from a delicate mix of materials and will increase performance.

The latest cylinders are plated by a Nicasil plating. Therefore we offer a wide range of ProX pistons in standard size, as well as in A, B, C, D+ oversizes.

ProX Piston Kits for sleeved cylinders are available in standard size and a wide range of oversizes. The availability of oversizes up to 2mm significantly helps to increase the lifespan of a cylinder by offering more re-boring possibilities. Take advantage of the additional oversizes to extend the lifespan of plated cylinders. All ProX Piston Kits are supplied complete with Piston Rings, Wrist Pin and Circlips, ready to install!

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