2011-2019 WISECO Polaris 800 85MM Durability Kits (Bearings included)

2011-2019 WISECO Polaris 800 85MM Durability Kits (Bearings included)

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Wiseco Durability Kits
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It’s a well-known fact that the Polaris 800 twin engine from 2008-current has some serious issues that will eventually lead to engine damage. Wiseco has developed a proactive fix to these issues.

Wiseco engine durability kit was designed to last. Our kit features:

-Forged Low Expansion Alloy (exclusive to Wiseco) .005” Clearance! Factory Polaris is .0065”.

-These new pistons are made from stronger alloy to reduce skirt collapse over time.

-Advanced Piston Coating. ArmorGlide Skirt Coating(stays on for the life of the pistons) & Electa Coated (crown, ring lands and pin hole)

-The pistons come with new wrist pins and c-clips. 12 lubrication holes (6 oil holes intake side / 6 oil holes exhaust)

-Offset pins

-Top end bearings ($50 retail value).

-Spacer plate is made from precision ground aluminum to ensure a precise fit, while our anodizing process prevents any corrosion.

-Complete set of longer cylinder bolts and dowel pins, which accommodate the added case volume.

-Base Gasket

Due to the added case volume you will see a 2-3 HP gain!

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