Axys / Matryx Lightweight Noco Battery Kit - 11.0LB Savings - BWC

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    • Lightweight Battery Kit fits all Polaris AXYS 800/850 & Matryx 850 NA/9R Models with no modification
    • Approx 11lb savings!
    • Add a lightweight muffler for another 9-12 lb savings
    • Lithium-Ion Technology
    • Extremely Lightweight
    • Heavy Duty Case & Terminals
    • 500 Cold Cranking Amps (0 degrees F) (OEM 270 CCA)
    • 6 to 12 Times More Cycle Life Compared To Lead Acid Batteries
    • Can be mounted in any position
    • The aluminum battery box is light and durable
    • The stock battery heat shield can be used with slight modification
  • Bikeman Performance Battery Box
  • Stackable pieces Included but not necessary 
  • Delivers over 500-amps of starting power, over 50,000 starts, and over 2,000 charge cycles, blowing away its lead-acid rivals. Simply put, it's 2X more power, 10X more starts, and 5X longer life.
  • An advanced battery management system that provides maximum safety protection with bi-directional active cell balancing for long-lasting reliability. Plus, no BMS reset is needed.
  • Unleash the power of lithium and quickly recharge within minutes. Utilizing the most advanced rapid-charge technology, it provides enough starting power with just 5-minutes of charge.
  • A multi-terminal configuration that allows front, side, top, and female installations. Plus, modular trays fit various group sizes and a removable mounting block to accommodate legacy battery applications.

Note: In extremely cold temperatures it may require the snowmobile to pull  started once in the morning due the the nature of lithium batteries losing power in extremely cold temperatures. Once the battery is warm it has no problem starting either the Polaris 800 or 850 motors. 

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