B-PWR LYNX Shredder 3900 / 4100 Rear Bumper

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Condition: New Aftermarket - B-PWR

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LYNX Shredder Rear Bumper

The B-PWR Lynx Shredder rear bumper was designed in ONE-PIECE to give you the ultimate sturdiness for your tunnel, without the additional weight of overlapping parts and additional hardware.  For the same reason, this bumper replaces the factory rear reinforcements – no overlapping and added weight. 
Covering the critical area where the tunnel meets the floorboards, and with its pleat on the lower edge of the side supports, it will greatly stiffen your tunnel.  The same proven construction and materials as used on all of our rear bumpers.
An easy-to-install snowmobile bumper
The B-PWR Lynx Shredder rear bumper is easy to install. Making your life easier is a critical part of our development process.  In designing this bumper our team reused all of the factory holes in order to maximize strength of the install, and minimize the need for you to add any new holes in that tunnel.


-Compatible with Lynx Shredder
-1-piece design for added sturdiness at a minimal weight
-Pleats on the side supports help further increase the sturdiness of the tunnels
-Extended coverage of the critical area of where the tunnel meets the floorboards
-Raised grab handle that will not get in the way of any manoeuvres
-Scratch resistant powder coat paint
-Several colours available to customize your sled’s look.


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