Bikeman Performance Polaris Patriot 850 / 9R Performance Manifold (Y-Pipe) - 03-302-C

Bikeman Performance Polaris Patriot 850 / 9R Performance Manifold (Y-Pipe) - 03-302-C

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Condition: New Aftermarket - BMP Bikeman Performance

OEM Part #: 03-302-C

  • Fits 2019-Up Patriot 850 Models and Polaris Boost 
  • 3-4 horsepower gain
  • Smooth powerband
  • Better mid-range power
  • Helps maintain peak RPM 
  • Ceramic coated for a durable finish that keeps heat in the pipe
  • Perfect upgrade when running a stock pipe or even or Fat Azz single pipe 
  • Helps with over rev and carries RPM's to prevent rpm fade
  • Works awesome with our 900 Big Bore kit or Patriot Boost 

* Does not come with gasket 

Using the state of the art facility BMP brought you one of the best pipes on the market for the Patriot 850.... but why would we stop there? BMP also set out to make the best manifold on the market! The BMP y-pipe boasts a 3-4 horsepower gain over the factory manifold. This manifold broadens the powerband and adds a few ft/lbs of torque, making this a modification you really feel. Developed and tested with our pipe or a stock pipe. This Manifold can be run with no ECU tuning or for best performance to get our tune via Torque Link or Hard Flash. Ceramic coated to keep heat in the pipe and reduce underhood temps. Gaskets not included.

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