Composit M700 Track (2.75" Lug)

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Condition: New Aftermarket - Composit Snowmobile Tracks 

OEM Part #:

M700-3R 15x154x2.75" 3.5 Pitch -  UK03010, 04-996901

M700-3R 15x156x2.75" 3.0 Pitch -  UL02010, 04-996902

M700-3R 15x162x2.75" 3.0 Pitch - UM02010, 04-996903

M700-3R 15x165x2.75" 3.5 Pitch - UR03010, 04-996906

The new technological design of the lugs is made in the form of multiple membrane bridges located between reinforcement of the ribs. This reduces noise, vibration, engine work load and leads to reduction of rolling resistance. Owing to the use of new materials, the M700 track has become more elastic, while it’s new groove pattern effectively helps to reduce the overall temperature of the tracks.

Take NOTE: Polaris has a confusing system for their models. They call all models a 155″ which can either be the 154 with 2.86″ pitch or the 156 with 3.00″ pitch. They also do the same with the 163″ which can be the 163 with 2.86″ pitch or the 162 with 3.00′ pitch. Be sure you get the correct pitch for your model.

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