2016-2021 Mountain series Pro Shift Clutch Kit Polaris AXYS 800 With TURBO

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Condition: New Aftermarket SSI/BDX

OEM Part #: 15-207H-Turbo

 MOUNTAIN SERIES PRO SHIFT KITS are designed for long track models  in deep snow.  They are tuned for very quick throttle response in deep snow when boondocking and climbing, so that you have instant power all of the time. 

Adjustable Weights

Instructions provided for set up 5000 + feet.

We gained low end, mid range and top end pull with these awesome kits.  There are even two angle options machined into the helix.  On is better for harder snow, and one is better for deeper snow.

Our clutch kit come with our PRO Mag weights, new primary spring, secondary driven clutch spring, and our custom machined helix that actually has two angle options machined into it. The weights have 16 grams of adjustment per arm using magnets that weight just 1.3 grams each. Though every kit comes with a specific recommended setup. 

Our kits work on stock machines or even if you have a pipe, head or muffler installed.  Simply add a little more weight for the extra power.  Feel free to call or email us with any questions on setups. 

Big bore and Turbo versions are also available. 


Great performance at a great price! 

** We do not list every hardware item on our website. If you require some hardware related to the part(s) you are purchasing, send an email or add to your order notes the parts you might need and we can provide an updated quote including the hardware.


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