Polaris Secondary Clutch Roller Bearing Kit

Polaris Secondary Clutch Roller Bearing Kit

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Condition: New Aftermarket 

OEM Part #: 100011

Thrust Bearing and Washer

Prevent spring binding and fine tune your clutching!

Fits all Polaris Team Rapid Reaction TSS-04 Secondary Clutches 2010-current.

This concept has been often copied, but Fire N Ice pioneered using these in Polaris clutches way back in 2005.

These roller bearings allow the spring cup to freely rotate allowing the secondary spring to rotate slightly as it compresses/decompresses which eliminates spring bind and reduces friction. This allows for the smoothest shift out and most consistent clutching giving you the best performance out of your clutches possible..

Your clutch don’t know what they’re missing until you try this roller bearing kit.

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