Kyber One - SDG Handlebar Corks

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Condition: New Aftermarket - Kyber One 

You can now keep your hands warm during epic backcountry riding using your OEM heated handlebar grips while utilizing the industry’s best small diameter grip handlebars with the KYBER SDG Cork inserts.

These custom laser-cut cork inserts wrap around your SDG handlebars providing a positive connection to the larger OEM grip diameters. Additionally, the cork provides the perfect insulation layer between your bars and non-backed OEM heated grips.  

POLARIS USERS: If using "NEW" Polaris foam-backed grip heater elements, these inserts may not be required. Those reusing stock Polaris OEM with foam, should remove the remaining foam and use the 1.0mm (applies with the use of RSI heated elements). This will provide the correct diameter needed for a tight fitting grip and as well help to provide the most heat possible from your elements.

SKIDOO & LYNX USERS: We recommend using the 1.6mm Cork Rubber to provide the ultimate fitting grip and insulate the heater from the cold handlebar to help in providing the best heat possible



  • Laser cut for a perfect fit every season 
  • Insulates heated grips from cold handlebars 
  • Increases bar diameter for use with OEM heated grips 
  • Provides additional padding during impacts 
  • Adhesive backing for easy install and anti-rotation


Fitment: KYBER Small Diameter Grip Handlebars, 19mm (3/4")
Material: 1.0 mm = Sustainable Cork 
                 1.6 mm = Cork Rubber 
Colors: 1.0 = Natural
              1.6 = Mixed Natural Black

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