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Condition: New Aftermarket - Kyber One

 *** NOTE - THUMB THROTTLE USERS MUST remove the Thumb Index Donut 

When you want the ultimate grip and control over your sled, your handlebar grips are the first thing you connect with. The KYBER Atak Grips provide a new level of control and reliability not found in any other grips. The all-new Atak design follows the KYBER ethos of performance and style with a unique hybrid grip surface that is unmatched in the sled industry!

The Atak Grips start with large, snow-shedding, squared-off pyramids that will team up with your riding gloves to lock you into the action. The palm section of the Atak features additional material for padding during large impacts. The back of the grips features index flanges that help locate and retain your fingers during operation.

NEW for 2023, we took our thumb index from the original Atak grip and improved it to provide the most versatile grip on the market. For those who are using a Thumb Throttle, we also added a cut line for easy removal of the inner index donut.

The ends of the Atak Grips feature unique bell designs to keep your hands on the sled during the most extreme boondocking action. The inner stair stepping bell keeps your gloves from slipping into your handlebar components and features an integrated cutting mark for thumb throttle users. The outer bell features a large shelf that allows you to stay connected during the most extreme extensions. 


  • Compatible with all standard and SDG snowmobile handlebars 
  • Large, squared-off, pyramid grip texture sheds snow while improving grip 
  • Flanged indexing design for enhanced grip 
  • Dual bells for maintaining grip
  • Palm pad for impact stability 
  • Integrated cut guide for thumb throttle riders 
  • Proprietary synthetic material for unmatched durability 
  • Available in multiple sled-matching colors


Fitment: All standard and SDG snowmobile handlebars 
Material: Proprietary Synthetic 
Length: 158mm  (6.22”) with inner index donut, 150mm (5.91”) without
Colors: Black, Blue, Fuchsia, Green, Grey, Neon Yellow, Orange, Red, Teal, and Violet

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