Burandt Signature Series Fox Float 3 EVOL QS Matryx Khaos Front & Rear Track Shock - 853-21-248

Burandt Signature Series Fox Float 3 EVOL QS Matryx Khaos Front & Rear Track Shock - 853-21-248

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Condition: New Aftermarket - Fox Racing

OEM Part #: 853-21-248

New for the 2022-2023 RMK Khaos Matryx Platform 


Complete your Burandt Series Float QS3 suspension with matching Front Ski Shocks

The Burandt Series, FLOAT 3 EVOL Quick Switch (QS) is the lightest mountain sled suspension package. These shocks are tuned specifically to suit Chris Burandt’s riding style. Ride harder in the backcountry with less fatigue without a compromise of durability. Experience a new sense of control on the snow due to less outboard weight.  

Maximize the power-to-weight ratio of your sled by bolting on the new FOX Burandt Series shocks


Adjustments FLOAT air spring (front and rear track)
EVOL air chamber (rear track)
QS3 – 3 position compression (front track), with lockout mode (rear track)
QSR – 3 position rebound (front track)
Features Burandt specific calibration
Optimized lightweight shock design
Spiral groove bypass
One-piece, aluminum spherical bearings
High-flow velocity-sensitive damping
Fully re-buildable and re-valvable


Baseline Range:

Soft: 45psi MAIN & 150psi EVOL
Stiff: 90psi Main & 250psi EVOL

The FOX Floats come with pressures of approximately 90 psi in the MAIN chamber and 100 psi in the EVOL chamber. These pressures may vary so its beneficial to check both chamber pressures beforehand to ensure consistency. Prior to adjusting the pressures in your FLOAT 3 shocks it's important to note that you must set the EVOL chamber before setting the MAIN chamber. The uniqueness of the FOX FLOATS compared to the alternative Coils is they provide supreme bottoming out resistance through the progressive dampening technology and have a multitude of "spring rates" thanks to using air in lieu of a coil. Collectively this provides the consumer with a shock that can be tailored to the specific riding style and conditions to achieve full benefit of the air suspension.

The range of shock pressures can be adjusted from 45 psi in the MAIN chamber & 150 psi in the EVOL to a stiffer calibration of 90 psi in the MAIN chamber & 250 psi in the EVOL. Between these ranges is personal preference according to riding style and conditions.

For the FOX FLOAT 3 EVOL QS3R we recommend setting the shocks to a middleground setting of 65 psi in the MAIN chamber and 200 psi in the EVOL chamber. This will provide the rider with a baseline of whether to increase or decrease the pressures accordingly. Thereafter, changing the shock pressures in increments of 10 psi for both chambers. For larger riders weighing more than 225+ (with gear) or for those who are jumping more frequently, more air pressure may be necessary.

Skid shock pressures can be used to achieve the following results. The front skid shock greatly controls ski pressure and weight transfer. Additional front track shock pressure will result in less ski pressure and more rapid weight transfer front to back when on and off the gas. The only side effect is this firmer shock is less compliant and will be more prone to trenching. Reduced FTS preload will result in more ski pressure and a sled with a more 'planted' feel capable of climbing on top of the snow better. The rear track shock adjustment greatly affects how the sled controls weight transfer. Increased RTS preload will create more ski pressure and help 'tame down' the sleds desire to wheelie.

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