NEW 2016-2020 Polaris Axys 800 Jaws Performance Exhaust Can

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Condition: New Aftermarket - Jaws Performance 

OEM Part #:

  • Rowdy - 158-240R
  • Race - 158-240
  • Trail - 158-240T

Extensive dyno testing and field testing went into the making of this can to ensure performance and reliability.

With a 2 hp gain this is definitely the can to have for your AXYS!

This lightweight silencer is compatible on both the 600 and 800 engines.

The all new “Rowdy” can offers a 17 lbs weight savings and adds a pretty good bark!  Recommended for back country riding and closed circuit racing.

Our very popular Race canister weighs only 5 lbs (that’s a 16 lbs weight saving) while adding an incredible sound!

The Trail canister weighs only 6.5 lbs and offers a respectable sound at the lower rpm’s then adds a deep, crisp sound as you increase the throttle.

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