SLP ECU Power Up Cable - 20-212

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Condition: NEW Aftermarket - Starting Line Products

Part #: 20-212, STA-20-212, STA20-212, 27-TL-12v

Note: Cable Can be used to Fog your 2015-2020 Polaris Axys engine when storing away for long periods. And or After a engine rebuild to prime oil pump and get rid of any air in the Electric Oil Pump. You need to purchase two when powering Up ECU And Oil Pump

This Power-Up Cable is used with an external 12 volt battery to provide power to the ECU and Fuel Pump of the CFI system.  This makes it possible to check and adjust the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) alignment between the Power Commander and the stock ECU without the engine running.  It also powers up the optional DynoJet LCD Display, which is quite handy when using this display as a tuning aid.  And, it is extremely beneficial in repressurizing the fuel system if fuel pressure has ever been blown off, most commonly done when changing the fuel filter or performing other fuel system service work.  Rather than being forced to crank the engine over multiple times by hand with the recoild to re-pressurize the fuel system, simply connect this Power-Up Cable to initialize the fuel pump.  Then pull the rope a couple of times and the engine will fire up as it normally does. 

This Cable works for other applications but does not work with the 850 Patriot models.

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