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Condition: New Aftermarket - Carbon Sled


Titanium Hardware Kit for; Please specify in notes if Axys or Matryx  Chassis Rear Suspension/Skid

Freshen up the look of your rear suspension with Carbon Sled's Titanium bolt Kit & shed some weight at the same time. Not just for looks, Titanium is superior in many ways, high tensile strength at nearly half the weight. Our bolts will Not Corrode keeping all suspension components moving freely.

These fasteners are manufactured with a mix of forming and machining
providing the top strength and tolerance control that Carbonsled demands.

Other bolt suppliers reduce head and flange sizes simply to save cost.
Carbonsled bolts have proper head and flange size to reduce any hole distortion
or striped head. This may add a gram or 2 but worth it!

For tight clearance most fasteners are available in socket cap. (Allen head)
Bulk pricing or custom sizes available with minimum qtys.

INSTRUCTIONS/torque specs:
Thread lock is required on all fasteners. Titanium is an inactive metal so we highly
recommend using a thread lock primer. Our recommended brand is Loctite SF7649 primer with Loctite 262 or 242 thread lock.

M6 8Nm 6FT Lb.
M8 20Nm 15FT Lb.
M10 40Nm 30FT Lb.

*These kits are made to work with stock suspension & or with Carbon Sled Carbon Fiber Rails 

*Loctite SF 7649 Primer Recommended for all Titanium or Anodized fasteners 


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