Primary Clutch Spring Glide Washers - SM-03244

Primary Clutch Spring Glide Washers - SM-03244

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Condition: New Aftermarket - SPI

OEM Part #: SM-03244, 03-156-01

Drive Clutch springs are in constant motion, being subjected to compression, rebound, end to end radial torquing, distortion, and vibration.  “Glide Washers” are custom made with a baked-on lubricity coating.  By placing a washer on each end of the spring it can no longer bind on the spyder or clutch cover.  This frees up the spring to do its intended job.  Each kit comes with 5 washers.  Two have a lubricity and rust proof coating and three are zinc plated to prevent rust.  Each washer increases clutch engagement speed approximately 40 to 50 rpm’s which makes it a nice tuning tool.

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