Clutch Spider Tool Polaris, Arctic Cat, Comet 725-285, SM-1248-4

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Condition: New Aftermarket 

OEM Part #: 28-341, 725-285, SM-1248-4

  • For Polaris/Comet/Arctic Cat.

Universal Clutch Spider Tool by Sno-Stuff®. Style: Polaris/Comet. Sno-Stuff offers a Polaris/Comet style Clutch Spider Tool for Polaris, Comet, and Arctic Cat. This socket type tool has 3/4" square drive for spider removal and installation on these clutches - Polaris P85 and P90, Comet 100C, 101C, 102C, 108C, and 108EXP, and Arctco 102C and 108C, Arctic Cat 9 tower and new 6 tower.

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