Trail Blizzer Ice scratchers for snowmobiles

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Condition : New Aftermarket QualiPieces

OEM Part #: TB03-400

The Trail Blizzer are the best ice scratchers available on the market.

  • Anti-loosening system
  • Ultra resistant carbide tips
  • Can be installed within 10 minutes
  • Lubricate the slides and cool the engine
  • Replaceable wear tips
  • Work in forward or in reverse
  • Sheathed flexible high strength steel cable
  • 360 ° flex cable
  • Designed to fit most Ski-Doo, Polaris, Artic-Cat, and Yamaha snowmobiles

    Trail Blizzer Lubricating & Cooling Ice Scratchers

    In order to ride snowmobiles on hard or icy surfaces without damaging the tracks and overheating the engine, it is essential to have a set of ice scratchers. The obvious choice is the lubricating & cooling Trail Blizzer™ ice scratcher that thrusts snow and ice onto the machine's components. It is easily installed on all snowmobiles, whether it be Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Yamaha or Polaris, regardless of its year of manufacture!

    Make no mistake: the Trail Blizzer™ is a scratcher like no other. Problems often associated with other scratchers were eliminated so that you can enjoy your snowmobile 100%. Check it out for yourself!

    Trail Blizzer™ Ice Scratcher Fitting System

    The exclusive Trail Blizzer™ ice scratcher fitting system allows you to avoid the most common problem with competitors' products: the loosening of washers or bolts that holds the part in place. This allows you to fully enjoy your snowmobile on all surfaces and in all weather conditions while your Trail Blizzer™ does all the work, both going forward or in reverse.

    In addition, unlike other products you may find on the market, the anti-loosening system can be installed anywhere on the snowmobile's rail, which guarantees ideal placement for your scratcher. For added safety, use our eyelet supports, sold separately, to store the cable between uses. Snowmobile enthusiasts will be pleased with all these small improvements...because they make a huge difference!

    Virtually Indestructible Cable

    Snowmobilers can benefit from the QualipieceTrail Blizzer™ ice scratcher while going forward or in reverse, thanks to its metal cable that can bend and flex 360°. The cable's design also allows the Trail Blizzer™ to adapt to terrain imperfections without damaging the machine and without modifying the original angle or ground pressure. For additional protection and durability, the scratcher cable is covered with a frost-proof sleeve that eliminates the risk of swelling following repeated contact with water and ice.

    Carbide Tips Offer Improved Design

    Qualipieces' carbide wear tips are more than mere tips; they are composed of extremely durable carbide and are soldered to the highest possible standards, surpassing those of the general market. In addition, their angle of attack is adjustable to insure the scratcher's optimal position depending on the conditions and surfaces. And what if the tips wear out? No need to buy a new kit; steel or carbide replacement tips are available for a fraction of the cost. A simple, practical solution to refurbish your scratchers to like-new condition!

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