USED Boondocker Patriot 850 Idaho Billet Head

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Condition: Very Good

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For the ultimate in performance and looks, our line of Billet machined heads for the Polaris AXYS 850 (Patriot) are the answer to the highest performance as well as pump-gas operation! The Idaho™, purpose built for pump gas.

THE IDAHO™: For BoonDocker turbocharged Polaris Patriot owners, The Idaho head from BoonDocker is the solution to pump gas performance among all aftermarket turbo kits because we’ve strategically engineered a combustion chamber that fully leverages the potential power of the turbocharger kit, at all RPM’s and riding conditions, provides more predictability and control of tuning, while incorporating a ruggedized design and bill-of-materials, specific to the higher demands of a turbocharged engine.

2019+ Polaris AXYS 850 (Patriot) with aftermarket turbo ✔

  1. Idaho Billet
    1. Designed for the use of 10% ethanol or premium 91-octane pump gas with a turbocharged Polaris 850
    2. Allows for the use of pump gas above 4,000 feet (see FAQ's for full details)
    3. Billet Aluminum construction
    4. High cooling capacity

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