USED Polaris AXYS 600 / 800 GGB Mountain Exhaust Can 764-1239

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 Condition: Good

OEM Part #: 764-2309, 764-1239

Fits: 2015-2020 AXYS Chassis

2020 800 Khaos Stock Muffler: 17.8  GGB Mountain: 5.0 Weight Savings: 12.8 lbs 

- Rush / Switchback / Pro S / Pro X 600 & 800

2016-2020 AXYS Chassis - Pro RMK / SKS / RMK Assault 600 & 800

2017-2020 AXYS Chassis- XCR LE 600 & 800

Rush 2017-2020 AXYS Chassis Switchback Assault 600 & 800

2017-2019 AXYS Chassis Voyageur 600 144

2017-2019 AXYS Chassis Switchback SP 144 600

This muffler is a super lightweight, straight through flow design with an aggressive exhaust note. System fits securely in the stock location using stock mounts and is guaranteed to provide performance levels as good as or better than stock.

GGB Advantage:

Increased throttle response. Huge weight savings. No fuel mods. Simple install. Secure fit. Fuel and clutching mods are not necessary prior to installation.

GGB two stroke mufflers are flow benched developed for back pressure against the stock muffler and will perform efficiently in any application where the stock muffler would be used. GGB Mountain mufflers are designed to be used in areas where increased sound levels are not an issue. These cans are loud when you open the throttle. Please use accordingly. Sound level increase over stock (dbA) Idle + 4-6 / Under load + 10-18.

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