Wiseco Polaris 800 Durability Fix Kit Replacement Piston - 11853M08500

Wiseco Polaris 800 Durability Fix Kit Replacement Piston - 11853M08500

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Condition: New Aftermarket - Wiseco

OEM Part #: 11853M08500

Pistons Sold Individually 

Does Not Come With Wrist Pin Bearing: Click Here

Gasket Kits': Click Here

Wiseco High Performance Piston - 85mm Bore - 2459M08500
  • Wiseco forged pistons are superior in strength and design
  • Engineered to provide the best possible path for combustion chamber heat transfer to cylinder walls
  • Elliptically designed to provide a more uniform bearing surface under piston heat expansion, eliminating localized pressure and distributing thrust loads more evenly, thereby preventing piston collapse
  • Ultra-hard Electra coating protects against erosion from detonation and keeps the piston cooler. It also eliminates micro-welding rings to the grooves and prevents galling in the pin bore
  • ArmorGlide skirt coating minimizes friction, improves wear resistance and maximizes horsepower on out high-performance applications. Complex skirt profiles reduce friction and promote stability in the bore for optimum ring seal

Included Items:

(1) Piston kit includes (1) Wrist pin and (2) Circlips
(1) Ring set includes (1) Top ring and (1) Second ring


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